Bill-O-Matic for Schools v. 1.7.28 - fixes and minor updates

O-matic Software has released version 1.7.28 of Bill-O-Matic for Schools. This maintenance update includes some minor fixes, adds the ability to specify a central location for your report background templates (works for hosted clients as well!), and allows users to retrieve email addresses from both students and their relationships for RO reports. The update is attached to this forum post.

Revision History Notes:

V 1.7.28 21MAR2012 
- Added safeguard for FE statement filter bug: if "Student Recipient Attributes" filter is "Exclude" then "Statement Recipients" filter was ignored
- Fixed issue on Windows XP: Clicking "Add File" button for attachments would cause "Method not found" error

V 1.7.27 08MAR2012
- Added custom background support for STMSBUS1BP00# statement formats. The template file needs to be named SBSTATEMENTBP00#.pdf.
- Added support to specify a central location for custom template and report files. BOM will check there first, then the Plugins folder.
- Registrar's Office Only: Changed "Get email address from relationship record(s)" checkbox to a drop down with options of Student, Relationship, or both. 

V 1.7.26 06FEB2012
- Removed support for Omatic's built-in background for Receipts, BOM can only add a signature for receipts

V 1.7.25 03FEB2012
- Updated online payment link for RO emails to use EA7RecordsID (to match SB)
- Added a log entry to indicate the template file and path being searched for 
- Fixed misspelling in 'send emails' message box
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