Bill-O-Matic, version 1.1.1

 A new version of Bill-O-Matic has been released (change log below). The update is attached to this post and is available to all users currently on maintenance.

PLEASE NOTE: If your school purchased a custom statement template with your school's logo, please back up that file before running the install, as the update may overwrite it with the "generic" template. Your current PDF template can usually be found here:
C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge\Plugins\background_template_v5.pdf
Simply make a copy of this file in the plugins folder and rename it to "BACKUP_background_template_v5.pdf". If the update overwrites your custom template, simply copy and rename the backup file to "background_template_v5.pdf" and you will be all set.
V 1.1.1 Changes:
- Added multi-select list for multiple email (contact) types
- Added function to request read receipts from recipients
- Added option to apply grid lines to statements
- Added option to replace label "STATEMENT" with custom text
(2.48 MB)
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