Bill-O-Matic v1.5.3 - email Report Cards, Schedules, and Infraction Reports, and add an attachment to any email!

Bill-O-Matic version 1.5.3 has been released. With the new version, clients that have the Blackbaud Registrar's Office module can now email report cards, schedules, and infraction reports to parents. Also, Bill-O-Matic now offers the option to attach any file to outgoing emails. Special thanks to our friends at the Shipley School for working with us on developing these changes.

Change log:


V 1.5.3 (09NOV2010)
- Fixed port number setting for RO reports email settings not being saved
- Fixed preview report link on email preview form not working for RO reports 
- Fixed SB "from email" showing on email preview form instead of RO "from email"

V 1.5.2 (13SEP2010)
- Added "Content-disposition" tags to email attachment headers (necessary for some email encryption services)

V 1.5.1 (13SEP2010)
- Added ability to add an attachment to outgoing emails
- Added ability to send report cards, infraction reports, and schedules from Registrar's Office (optional upgrade)
- Added option to create a performance log for diagnostics

PLEASE NOTE: This installation is for clients using Education Edge/Financial Edge versions 7.82 and higher. If you have an earlier version of EE/FF, please upgrade or contact our support department.


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