Bill-O-Matic becomes MailOmatic for Schools! (Update notification for version 1.10)

Omatic Software is excited to announce some recent updates with Bill-O-matic for Schools. Upon installation, you will see the product updated to the new product name "MailOmatic for Schools".  This software solution retains all the functionality in Bill-O-matic and adds some more. We have  renamed it to better reflect the range of functionality it offers.  MailOmatic for Schools continues to allow for emailing of tuition statements, projected statements, receipts, report cards, infraction reports, schedules, and general emails. It also retains the ability to send custom reports written by Omatic’s custom report team, including custom statements, report cards, and transcripts.

This update encompasses several recent limited-release updates with new functionality. Most notably, MailOmatic can now send Student Billing reports to the relationships of students even when the selected recipient query contains student records, with an attendant increase in the number of email merge fields available. MailOmatic also added the ability to send Schedule Lists, and the ability to select multiple recipients and output reports as either a single PDF or individual PDFs, allowing schools to print out customized statements/reports for recipients without email addresses. Please see the full change log below.

To update to this new version, please download the setup file attached to this post in our update forum and run the Setup.Exe file (the current Windows user must have administrative rights or the ability to install new software). Please remember that all workstations that use MailOmatic must be updated. 

We enjoyed meeting so many of you at BBCON this year. As always, we appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback and it was encouraging to know we've made a big difference for so many people. If there is an update you would like to see, please add it or vote for it on our UserVoice site. If Bill-O-Matic/MailOmatic has been helpful for you, we would be honored if you would be kind enough to be one of the first professionals to add a recommendation for it on LinkedIn. Finally, if you ever wonder "who are these Omatic people?", please check out our new team video that shows a day in the life at Omatic Software. We look forward to hearing from you!


v 1.10.5 10OCT2012
- Brand changes and cosmetic changes
- Changed selected row color to use Windows highlight colors
- Fixed issue of RO emails being BCC'd to the SB 'FROM' email address
- Fixed TEST MODE warning message to the proper email based on report type (it was showing the SB from address)
- Changed export grid functionality to create csv files and to include column headers
- Added error handling to the email attachments form

v 1.9.3 13SEP2012
- Fixed issue of parameter form not showing for custom reports
- Fixed security issue when running SB reports and RO was not installed or user did not have rights to view RO students

v 1.9.2 04SEP2012
- Changed selected row color to a lighter blue

v 1.9.1 21AUG2012
- Added Schedule List reports
- Added ability to make relationships recipients when the query record is a student in SB reports.
- Added ability to specify which name and ID to put in the Diamond Mind payment URL
- Enhanced the available mail merge fields to make better use of new functionality
- Added ability to multi-select rows in the grid and export the selections to individual PDF documents or to a single PDF document
- Added ability to open queries or parameters by clicking on the corresponding label
- Fixed issue of intermittently receiving an error when adding an attachment

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