MailOmatic for Schools v. 1.10.12 - minor enhancements

Omatic Software has released version 1.10.12 of MailOmatic for Schools.  The update is attached to this forum post.

MailOmatic for Schools Change Log:

v 1.10.12 20DEC12
- Added option in SB settings for which record to add actions to, Student, Recipient, or Both
- Added right click options to add actions when saving as PDF files
- Fixed issue of Student ID not populating in merge fields for student recipients

v 1.10.5 10OCT2012
- Brand changes and cosmetic changes
- Changed selected row color to use Windows highlight colors
- Fixed issue of RO emails being BCC'd to the SB 'FROM' email address
- Fixed TEST MODE warning message to the proper email based on report type (it was showing the SB from address)
- Changed export grid functionality to create csv files and to include column headers
- Added error handling to the email attachments form

v 1.9.3 13SEP2012
- Fixed issue of parameter form not showing for custom reports
- Fixed security issue when running SB reports and RO was not installed or user did not have rights to view RO students

v 1.9.2 04SEP2012
- Changed selected row color to a lighter blue

v 1.9.1 21AUG2012
- Added Schedule List reports
- Added ability to make relationships recipients when the query record is a student in SB reports.
- Added ability to specify which name and ID to put in the Diamond Mind payment URL
- Enhanced the available mail merge fields to make better use of new functionality
- Added ability to multi-select rows in the grid and export the selections to individual PDF documents or to a single PDF document
- Added ability to open queries or parameters by clicking on the corresponding label
- Fixed issue of intermittently receiving an error when adding an attachment

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