MailOmatic for Schools v. 1.10.13 - patch

Omatic Software has released version 1.10.13 of MailOmatic for Schools which targets the issue of progressively slow processing for large report sets.  The update is attached to this forum post.

MailOmatic for Schools Change Log:

v 1.10.13 11JAN2013
-  Addressed an issue with progressively slow processing of large report sets

v 1.10.12 20DEC2012
- Added option in SB settings for which record to add actions to, Student, Recipient, or Both
- Added right click options to add actions when saving as PDF files
- Fixed issue of Student ID not populating in merge fields for student recipients

v 1.10.5 10OCT2012
- Brand changes and cosmetic changes
- Changed selected row color to use Windows highlight colors
- Fixed issue of RO emails being BCC'd to the SB 'FROM' email address
- Fixed TEST MODE warning message to the proper email based on report type (it was showing the SB from address)
- Changed export grid functionality to create csv files and to include column headers
- Added error handling to the email attachments form

v 1.9.3 13SEP2012
- Fixed issue of parameter form not showing for custom reports
- Fixed security issue when running SB reports and RO was not installed or user did not have rights to view RO students

v 1.9.2 04SEP2012
- Changed selected row color to a lighter blue

v 1.9.1 21AUG2012
- Added Schedule List reports
- Added ability to make relationships recipients when the query record is a student in SB reports.
- Added ability to specify which name and ID to put in the Diamond Mind payment URL
- Enhanced the available mail merge fields to make better use of new functionality
- Added ability to multi-select rows in the grid and export the selections to individual PDF documents or to a single PDF document
- Added ability to open queries or parameters by clicking on the corresponding label
- Fixed issue of intermittently receiving an error when adding an attachment

v 1.8.10 26JUN2012
- Added ability to email custom reports
- Added option to in/exclude records marked as 'Requests no email' for both RO and SB
- Added check for record ID of zero in query results for Student Billing (fix already in Registrars Office)
- Fixed compatibility issue between BOM and BOMAR or EftOM

v 1.7.30 04MAY2012
- Removed check for the number of fields in the DM file due to changes made by Diamond Mind

V 1.7.29 29MAR2012 
- Fixed issue when sending emails to organization recipients

V 1.7.28 21MAR2012 
- When running statements, if the Student Recipient Attributes filter is set to Exclude, then each recipient receives statements for all recipients.
- On windows XP, Clicking the Add File button on the attachments form would cause a "Method not found" error

V 1.7.27 08MAR2012
- Added custom background support for STMSBUS1BP00? statement formats. The template file needs to be named SBSTATEMENTBP00?.pdf.
- Added support for a central location for custom template and report files, BOM will check there first, then the Plugins folder.
- Registrar's Office Only: Changed "Get email address from relationship record(s)" to a drop down with options of Student, Relationship, or both. 

V 1.7.26 06FEB2012
- Removed support for Omatic's built-in background for Receipts, the only thing we can add for receipts is a signature

V 1.7.25 03FEB2012
- Change made to use the same source for the ID in the DM payment link for for both SB and RO
- Added a log entry to indicate the template file and path being searched for 
- Fixed a type-o in 'send emails' message box

V 1.7.24 23JAN2012
- Added option in settings to restrict search for contact email type to Primary addresses only
- When searching for contact email types, addresses with a "Valid To" date less than current date are now excluded
- Fixed issue with RO grid --> View recipient that caused wrong record to display
- Added password option of 'Birth year only' to Report Cards
- Fixed issue when option 'Get email addresses from relationships' was checked, no passwords were generated
- Reset the prompt to preview email after clicking Show Results rather than reloading the email template list
- Added tooltip help to the RO password label in settings
- Fixed issue with additional reports being processed if report filter parameter was set to "selected" and more than one record was selected
- Fixed issue with cancel button not working when selecting a new attachment file
- Updated default SB statement background spacing for "Amount Due" field 

V 1.7.14 05JAN2012
- Fixed issue with grid that caused emails to not be sent in certain environments

V 1.7.11 21DEC2011
- Import Payments: Fixed issue with message "Default comment from deposit not showing on payment"
- Import Payments: Use payment type in DiamondMind file (cc = Credit Card or ck = Received EFT) instead of defaulting to CC
- Import Payments: Payment comment set in this order: In file, Default on Deposit record, Default from SB->Config->Biz Rules->Payment->Default statement description
- Import Payments: Use transaction date from file unless field is read only due to the GL->Config->Biz Rules->Transaction->Do not allow post dates to be different from transaction dates
- Import Payments: Added option to include payer name in the comments field
- Import Payments: Added code to disable the auto-select single match search results
- Import Payments: Added functionality to open search form if the ID in the file doesn't match a record in the database
- Fixed bug "File not found" when previewing statements or receipts
- Added support for multiple attachments when sending emails
- Added option to BCC all recipients to hide emails from recipients
- Added Save As option to email templates
- Added report type of Projected Statements for SB
- Default Statements and Projected Statements "Include Recipients receiving" option to "Statements Only - no copies"
- Removed check box for Include Grid Lines on Statement, this will happen automatically by design
- Fixed bug with email template drop down not refreshing after adding/removing templates
- Added support for additional blank page formats on Statements and Projected Statements
- Reduced the need to reload the grid when making changes to settings or recipients
- Improved error handling when fetching records from query (Show Results button)
- Fixed bug: Actions were not added to recipients for RO emails when the "Get email address from relationship record(s)" option was NOT checked
- Fixed bug: Action type for SB Statements was not saving
- Added functionality to replace "AccountID=#&StudentFirst=#&StudentLast=#" with "AccountID={%ACCT%}&StudentFirst={%FIRST_NAME%}&StudentLast={%LAST_NAME%}" when entering a Payment URL, Replace occurs when leaving the field and during save
- Changed text on email template Help button to "Mail Merge"
- BillOMatic.tlb will now automatically copy to the Custom folder during the installation
- Fixed bug: loading template dropdown after the selected item was deleted in settings
- If "Create Output Query" option is selected in the report parameters it will now be ignored in BOM for all reports
- New statement and receipt background files added as defaults, improved support for custom receipt backgrounds
- Added code to suppress the printing of report criteria on RO Schedules and Infraction reports
- Added code to remove commas and colons from the name added to payment link when sending statements
- Improved performance while loading results grid for all report types
- Added password protection option for statements and projected statements
- Enhanced grid to reflect the password status when running password protected reports, it will now display red text on a grey background if a password cannot be generated.
- Added tooltips to indicated why rows are disabled in the grid (no email, or no password)
- Added mail merge fields for both RO and SB passwords
- Added new report formats to improve cleanup of temp files
- Reversed positions of the query and report format drop down lists
- Added Query Search to right click menu on Query drop down list

V 1.6.6 (27SEP2011)
- Added Reply To email on SB and RO email settings tab
- Added auto continue option when email errors are encountered, exceptions written to desktop file
- Added Send Receipts functionality
- Added additional Addressee and Salutations to use in email templates
- Now ignores email addresses that do not have an @
- Added right-click functionality to query drop down and report format drop down to show config forms
- Fixed bug: Actions not being added when sending general emails
- Fixed bug: Action type in settings didn't save for general emails after exiting FE
- Added check/prompt for at least one contact type select for email
- Fixed bug: Adding a blank rectangle for custom statement text not specified
- Added ability to specify paths for output files

V 1.6.5 (19SEP2011)
- Improved error handling for importing payments
- Importing payments now applies deposit defaults (except comments)

V 1.6.4 (14SEP2011)
- Payment date when importing payments now defaults to deposit date

V 1.6.3 (27JUN2011)
- Update to not overwrite custom statement backgrounds with updates
- Fix for DiamondMind import when student detail column is missing final comma

V 1.6.2 (9JUN2011)
- Added ability to send an email without a report attached
- Added ability to sort recipient list by last name

V 1.6.1 (06APR2011)
- Updated for online tuition payment import into deposits

V (18JAN2011)
- Fixed issue saving updated Diamond Mind URL

V 1.6.0 (05JAN2011)
- Added DiamondMind integration for online bill payments
- Added utility to import online transactions into payment deposits

V 1.5.3 (09NOV2010)
- Fixed port number setting for RO reports email settings not being saved
- Fixed preview report link on email preview form not working for RO reports 
- Fixed SB "from email" showing on email preview form instead of RO "from email"

V 1.5.2 (13SEP2010)
- Added "Content-disposition" tags to email attachment headers (necessary for some email encryption services)

V 1.5.1 (13SEP2010)
- Added ability to add an attachment to outgoing emails
- Added ability to send report cards, infraction reports, and schedules from Registrar's Office (optional upgrade)
- Added option to create a performance log for diagnostics

V 1.1.2 (08JUN10)
- Added SSL encryption option for SMTP settings

V 1.1.1 (08DEC09)
- Added multi-select list for multiple email (contact) types
- Added function to request read receipts from recipients
- Added option to apply grid lines to statements
- Added option to replace label "STATEMENT" with custom text

V 1.0.2 beta (MAY09)
- Fixed PDF template file location
- Fixed .NET Framework 3.5 dependency
- Fixed AxXStandard wrapper class issue

V 1.0.0 beta (MAY09)
- Initial beta release

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