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Importing Diamond Mind Transactions

We are using the subscription feature of Diamond Mind to generate periodic credit card or e-check payments. These payments are generated automatically without any action via the web page by the payer. When importing these payments into a deposit using the Bill-O-Matic macro, it stops on each payment, displays the payer record and we must select Open to proceed. According to your documentation this is not the case if the payer submits a payment via the URL. Why the difference? It should import these transactions without interruption when the payer and student match! At the very least we should be able to set an option to stop or not.

Hi Steve. I've already answered this question in your support case, but I wanted to provide an answer on the forum as well.

During the import process, Diamond Mind payments are automatically linked with the payer because it is matching the EA7Records ID in FE/EE. To see this number, open the recipient's record in Student Billing and then click on the Record Statistics. This ID is embedded in the link within the email and again on the payment page. If they are using the link in the email, it should be matching up the EA7Records ID in FE/EE and then the ID is attached to that payment.

If the payments are automatically generated from DM, without the payer clicking the link, the EA7Records ID will not be attaching to the payment. That is why you are prompted to select the payer. Unfortunately there is no other way to link those records at this time.

O-matic Support
Thanks again Amanda. This should be useful information for any other user that chooses to import Diamond Mind transactions not initiated by the purchaser via the web link.

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