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Cannot handle iref streams


I recently updated MailOmatic (Bill0matic) to 1.10.5. Now I am getting an error message every time I preview the statement. Error message is: "Error processing command. 'Cannot handle iref steams. The current implementation of PDFsharp cannot handle this PDF feature introduced with Acrobat 6.'.
FYI - I am using Adobe 9 PRO - 9.5.2

Thank you,

Hi Judy,

This error comes occurs when the custom pdf statement is opened and saved in a newer version of adobe.

To remedy the issue, you will have to go back to the original statement and save it, without opening it, in your desired location. One of the great new features of MailOmatic is that you don't have to save the statement in the plugins folder on every workstation. You can now save it in a network folder and tell MOMS where to look for it.

After you've saved the statement, choose the path on the General tab in Settings:


If you don't have the original statement, please send an email to and we'll get it sent over to you.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Omatic Support

Thanks Amanada. I will email you our statement.

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