EFT-O-Matic v. 1.8.6 released - Email 1099 copies and Purchase Orders

O-matic Software is pleased to announce the release of EFT-O-Matic version 1.8.6 for the Financial Edge. This version includes many new features and updates. You can download the installer from this forum post - if updating, please update all workstations that have EFT-O-Matic installed.

Revision history:
Version 1.8.4 (29MAR2012)
- Fixed issue with pay stub password application to PDF attachments

Version 1.8.3 (03FEB2012)
- Added the ability to include Invoice Distribution and Misc Entries
- Fix for Invoice Distribution/Misc Entries for multiple invoices on a single payment

Version 1.8.2 (30JAN2012)
- Added 1099 Forms and Purchase Orders
- Added new 1099 and PO embedded backgrounds
- Combined Search and Results tab
- Changed Paystub to Check Stub to be consistent
- Removed the "Install for all users" option during the install (now the default)
- Added ability to include invoice details in email template

Version 1.7.19 (31OCT2011)
- Fixed date formatting issue in payment search for UK/AU format causing ODBC error.
- Updated change made for EFTPYUS1LBP001/2/3 to now force the use of BP003 (BP001/2 are not rendered properly by BB)
- Added bank name and address to paystub EFTPYUS1LBP003 
- EFTPYUS1LBP003 will now support a limited custom background file, ie Company name and logo

Version 1.7.17 (26OCT2011)
- Added support for EFTPYUS1LBP001/2/3, these formats do not support custom backgrounds. They will always use the stock backgrounds.
- Added check for AP and PY Email Account settings before sending notifications
- Added new logo to setup screens

Version 1.7.16 (06OCT2011)
- Forced the use of EFTPYUS1LPP001 background if an unsupported format is on the check (unused after v.1.1.17, except for bad data)
- Added the ability to specify file name and location when exporting grids
- Added 'Right click to open query' on query drop down boxes

Version 1.7.15 (11AUG2011)
- Update to prevent error when using EFTPYUS1LPP001/2 form
- Update to allow for overlay using EFTPYUS1LPP001/2 forms
- Embedded PDF background resources as defaults if no custom backgrounds are available
- Update to allow for non-modal dialog from the plug-in
- Added SSL options for PY and AP email settings

Version 1.7.12 (20JUN2011)
- Update to prevent error when using EFTPYUS1LPP002 form
- Update to allow for overlay using EFTPYUS1LPP002 form

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