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Sending out other information

At the start of the school year, the Technology Office sends out (in coordination with the Registrars Office) usernames and password for two different services we provide.

Each students parent gets two separate usernames and passwords for these two services that the school provides.

I wanted to see if there is a way to send this information out using O-Matic. Its the only paper that I send out each year and I would like to do away with it!

Hi George,

In version 1.6.6 of Bill-O-Matic for Schools we added the ability to specify an alternate addressee and alternate salutation as placeholder ("mail merge") fields in the email templates. Could you import the credentials as add/sals to the appropriate records and embed them as mail merge fields in your email template, using a "general email" (non-report-specific email type) to send them out?

One thing to be very aware of: make sure your credentials are going to the proper recipients! Are the credentials student-specific or parent-specific? You'll want to make sure you understand the relationships and that correct credentials are going to the correct party. Due to the sensitive nature of that data, I'd suggest you test and double test on that one before blasting them out to everyone.

Let me know if that solution will work for you. If not, let's see what else we can come up with. The forthcoming version of Bill-O-Matic will work with custom reports, so perhaps we can leverage that to solve this issue if my suggestion above does not work.

Hmm... that sounds a little more complicated than it would be worth.... I'll think about it and hopefully we'll have other options.
Really? Darn, I thought it was a great solution. If you have the credentials in a CSV format, should be pretty easy to import them as add/sals? What format do you have them in? Do you have any ID's in common between the different systems? Is there any other functionality you could envision in BOM that might help in this scenario?

Thanks George, I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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