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Deleting Deposit Records in Financial Edge

Q:  I was testing the DiamondMind integration with Bill-O-Matic and imported a batch of transactions downloaded from the DiamondMind website.  I would like to delete the deposit that I created.  Can this be done?

A:  If the deposit has not been posted, you can go to File, Delete from the menu bar of the Deposit record.  Alternately, the Void this Deposit option can be selected from the Deposit menu bar option in the Deposit record in Student Billing.  This will allow you to void a posted deposit and all the payments contained in the deposit. You cannot void a deposit that is marked cleared or closed, or if it is reconciled.  For more information on deleting deposits, please review Blackbaud Knowledgebase Article BB133943- How to delete a deposit in ... Student Billing 7.
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