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Error: Error processing command: No records meet specified criteria

If you received the message  Error processing command: No records meet specified criteria when creating billing statements, it may have lead to some confusion. The cause of the error is usually the query that you based the billing statements on.  

It is recommended that you generate the statement query by previewing the statement in Mail, Statements.  To create the query please do the following:

1.  Under Mail --> Forms --> Statements, open up the template you will use in Bill-O-Matic
2.  In the lower left corner, mark the checkbox "Create Output Query".


3.  In the lower right corner, click preview to view the Statements, provide a name for the output query.
4.  Close the preview window.  
5.  Uncheck the "Create Output Query" checkbox
5.  Close the Statement
6.  Open Bill-O-Matic.  
7.  Select the appropriate statement and the query you just created.
8.  Preview the Billing Report.  


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