PosPay 1.7.45 - The Positive Pay/ARP solution for The Financial Edge

Omatic Software has released a maintenance update for PosPay. There is no need to update to this version unless you need one of the new bank formats.

v 1.7.45 02OCT2012

- Rebranded PosPay with new logo

v 1.7.29 16MAR2012
- Added support for BOA CashPro

v 1.7.28 07MAR2012
- Added support for Union Bank

v 1.7.27 01MAR2012
- Added support for US Bank SinglePoint Issue format
- Changed file naming convention for JP Morgan Chase output file (standard naming + ".txt")

v 1.7.25 16FEB2012
- Added support for Berkshire Bank

v 1.7.24 01FEB2012
- Added "30" line to UMB output file

v 1.7.20 02DEC2011
- Fixed issue for JP Morgan Chase

v 1.7.19 28NOV2011
- Added support for Commerce Bank

v 1.7.17 28OCT2011
- Fixed formatting issue in First Republic Bank file for amounts w/ no cents

v 1.7.16 17OCT2011
- Added support for BMO Harris Bank

v 1.7.15 17OCT2011
- Added support for Texas Capital Bank

v 1.7.14 17OCT2011
- Fixed issue with CitiBank format adding voided check amounts to total

v 1.7.12 06OCT2011
- Added support for First Republic Bank

v 1.7.11 30SEP2011
- Added support for JP Morgan ARP Standard Format

v 1.7.10 27SEP2011
- Added support for Wells Fargo ARP Enhanced Standard Format

v 1.7.9 20JUL2011
- Added support for City National Bank

v 1.7.8 7JUL2011
- Wells Fargo fix to strip non alphanumeric characters from the RID and BID in the notepad
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