PosPay version 1.7.70

A new version of PosPay is now available.  The main changes to the program are the addition of new banks and a few bank-specific corrections.  If you are using an existing version successfully with your bank then there is no need to update.


v 1.7.70 16JAN2014

- Added support for Finemark Bank and Trust(FNBT), MICASH format


v 1.7.68 13JAN2014

- Added support for HSBC format


v 1.7.67 14OCT2013

- Added support for BB&T CashManager format


v 1.7.66 14OCT2013

- Name change only: Sovereign Bank --> Santander Bank, no change in output file except the name of the file


v 1.7.65 16SEP2013

- Removed code to strip titles from Payee name in the Webster Bank format


v 1.7.64 21JUN2013

- Added support for TD Bank eTreasury


v 1.7.63 03JUN2013

- Changed to Union Bank to allow for only voids being processed, no file was being created previously


v 1.7.59 19FEB2013

- Added support for Busey Bank


v 1.7.58 12FEB2013

- Change to Union Bank per client request, spec deviation to include void amounts


v 1.7.57 08FEB2013

- Added support for Amegy Bank


v 1.7.55 28JAN2013

- Change to Union Bank to correct Control record 


v 1.7.54 21JAN2013

- Added support for Bank of America East (SMS)


v 1.7.52 10JAN2013

- Added support for TD Bank Ontario


v 1.7.51 27DEC2012

- US Bank Singlepoint, set check date in file to file creation date date for voided checks


v 1.7.49 06NOV2012

- Removed Carriage returns and line feeds from the JP Morgan ACCESS BID and RID values pulled from the note record on the bank


v 1.7.48 23OCT2012

- Added support for JP Morgan ACCESS


v 1.7.47 18OCT2012

- Removed removal of punctuation from BID and RID for Wells Fargo CEO SAFE for multiple accounts (stacked)


v 1.7.46 15OCT2012

- Brand changes

- Added Wells Fargo CEO SAFE for multiple accounts (stacked)

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