SegmentOmatic v. 2.4 - SQL Queries, better control, and lots of updates

Omatic is pleased to announce the release of SegmentOmatic version 2.4.7. This version adds the ability to use SQL queries in addition to Raiser's Edge Queries to define segmentation criteria. SQL Queries are not required for segmentation, but provide nearly unlimited segmentation criteria. If you develop some SQL queries, please share them with other users in our SegmentOmatic users forum

This version adds options to "lock down" your segmentation profiles so other users cannot accidentally refresh or change them, as well as many other fixes and updates. The updated version is attached to this forum post.


SegmentOmatic v. 2.4.7 revision history:

- Added ability to segment based on Custom SQL Queries

- Added ability to prevent other users from refreshing profiles

- Change made to not reload the entire hierarchy tree after selecting "Consolidate child nodes into this node"

- Fixed issue of Appeals committing multiple times if selecting Yes to the Commit 0 Appeals prompt.

- Set max length to 10 on the Mailing ID field

- Made Name, Segment Name, Segment ID and Other Segment ID required on hierarchies

- Fixed issue of single day ranges (ie., today-today) not working on recency hierarchies

- Fixed error when double clicking on the Profiles grid header

- Made Include and Exclude query columns read only on hierarchies

- Fixed issue of hierarchy list not updating after editing a hierarchy

- Fixed Marketing Segment report to include segments with no gifts

- Fixed Marketing Segment report ignoring setting to use pledge balance

- Fixed Marketing Segment report ignoring setting to suppress zero dollar gifts

- Fixed issue in BB hosting of non-supervisor users being unable to run SOM, "Session Context is Nothing" error

- Changed Consolidate/Expand Child Nodes to reload the entire tree only when expanding

- Fixed issue of appeals committing multiple times when committing different records consecutively

- Changed export headers to Greatest and Latest (was Largest and Last)

- Fixed issue of Prevent Refresh and Lock profile options being enabled incorrectly

- Fixed syntax error when including non-constituent records in conjunction with sorted dynamic queries

- Disabled cancel button on Segmenting progress form after the first click

- Updated the method used for building the database connection string

- Added test for custom database connection when saving

- Hid Calculation label on Hierarchy template form when not applicable

- Added End User License Agreement to the install

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