FindOmatic version is now available (updated 11/8/16)

Update: FindOmatic v1.0.24.0 is now available.  This version removes obsolete settings related to user licensing.


This version also corrects an issue with FOM not running for users without the RE API module.  This version also has access to the online user guide, an option to automatically reciprocate relationships when promoting a non-constituent relationship to a full constituent, and a nifty 'X' close button!  Check it out!


Revision History

Version, November 2016

Removed user list from Settings, as it is no longer required for licensing.

Version, August 2016

Removed version check message

Version, March 2016

Fixed installation issue for users without the RE API module

Version February, 2016

Added support for online documentation

Updated to automatically create a reciprocal relationship when a non-constituent relationship record is promoted to a full constituent

Added close button


You can view the FOM user guide here.

To install FOM, download the attached .zip file and run the setup program.

Where is the download link?

Hi Jeffrey, you can download FindOmatic from our website at the following link:

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