Table-O-Matic v 1.0.6 - New stuff and lessons learned

Table-O-Matic has been updated, and we've learned some stuff. Unfortunately the initial version of TOM relied on a table in the Raiser's Edge database that seemed to work fine in the testing database and on many client databases, but did not work at all for other clients. We soon found out that the CODETABLEMAP table in the RE database, regardless of the perfect name, did not always contain the necessary information to find all uses of all tables. We also uncovered a bug in the REAPI that was particularly nasty when merging table entries in the countries table (don't try it). We've built protections into this version to not allow it to merge table entries for protected system tables. We've also added an "Export" button to allow you to export your table entry map from any table (even the protected tables). Enjoy!

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[Please see the most recent version for installation package]
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