TableOMatic v 1.1.16 - Enhancements & something very cool!

Omatic Software is pleased to announce the release of TableOmatic version 1.1.16. This roll-up version includes many updates and enhancements. One new feature that any Raiser's Edge DBA will find fascinating is the Relationship/Reciprocal pair count. This feature, rather than just tallying up usage from the relationship table, will count usage of relationship type pairs. For instance, you might expect a relationship/reciprocal pair of "Parent/Child" to be quite common, but sort the count column from Low to High and instantly see how many unusual pairs your database contains. Inaccurate pairs like "Employer/Child" or "Parent/Sibling" will become immediately apparent. Double click on that row in the results to open a list of records included in that count, and double-click on a record in the list to open it and update the values appropriately. If you have as much fun with this as I did when I first got to use it, please let us know about it in the TableOmatic user forum!

Several other enhancements and fixes have been added (see full revision history below). For instance, merging multiple table entries is now much faster as the grid does not need to refresh between merges. One other change with is that TableOmatic has been converted from a perpetually-licensed product to a subscription-based one. Customers who purchased TableOmatic prior to this switch will benefit from future product enhancements at no additional expense, however, you may need your software activated when you update to this version. If so, please just send us an email at and our support team will be happy to help.

TableOmatic Revision History:

v. 1.1.16 28JUN2013
- Added Relationship/Reciprocal pair counts
- Added asterisk to Inactive entries when Exporting All 

v. 1.1.11 08APR2013
- Fixed error when calculating table entry usage for table NZCity
- Changed to remove merged row when option to not refresh grid is on
- Added alphabetical sort to table entries
- Hide merge menu option for tables that cannot be merged
- Fixed State table showing all zeros for usage
- Added new logo to install and new icon to forms

v. 1.1.8 17OCT2012
- Changed licensing to Software as Service

v. 1.1.7 28SEP2012
- Brand changes

v. 1.1.6 24FEB2012
- Added merge functionality for the city table
- Added check box to suppress auto reload of grid after each merge
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