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New version of Luminate Connector - where is it?

I went to the download page to download the latest version of the Luminate Connector and can't find it.

Any advice?


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Good question! 

For that matter, where is Import-O-Matic itself? 

Hi Carrie, when our new website was launched, some permissions didn't transfer correctly. I have updated your record now so that you should have access to the correct downloads. If you do not, please let Support know and we will get it updated for you.

Sam, your permissions look correct so maybe your permissions have been updated since you logged your response. Please let us know if you need additional assistance.

Thank you!

Jennifer Neher


I also cannot find the connector update. We're in the middle of implementing the ION-Luminate conntector and we need the update to finish testing.



Anthony Di Poce

Hi Anthony,

I have updated your permissions on our website so you should now be able to access the Luminate Online Connector download at:

If you continue to have problem, please contact Support at

Thank you,

Jennifer Neher

Director of Customer Success

Omatic Software

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