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Luminate Connector Fund Designations

Hi -

I have a ticket open with Luminate, as well as Omatic right now. But I thought I'd ask the forums about this one.

Earlier this year we started using Luminate Online as well as the Connector. However, when the donations are brought over through the connector, fund designations are blank. Campaigns and Appeals exists, but for some reason Designee Name and Gift Designation come back with no data in those fields at all whatsoever.


When we look at the gifts in Luminate, the designations are there. It makes no sense as to why that information doesn't exist in our imported profile.


Has anyone had this issue? Do you know the cause, or how we can fix it?

I'm assuming you are talking the IOM-Luminate Connector.
We use a dictionary on Campaigns, Funds and Appeals based on the form ID to make sure they are correct. These are done through Virtual Fields. This has worked well for us.
Good luck.
Yes. IOM Luminate Connector.

We use a dictionary for all those listed above as well based on the Form ID. But we have many funds on our page in the drop down for each form. So using the Form ID for fund information won't work. I just can't figure out, if a donor selects a fund in Luminate, why it wouldn't be part of the import. The information is coming over blank.
Hi Carrie,

The issue you're seeing where designations are importing blank is resolved in the latest version of the IOM Connector for Luminate Online. I understand from a previous post that you are not able to see the download, so I've asked our support team to open a case to work on getting you the latest version.

Thank you,
We've been on 2 versions of Luminate Connector since implementation. It hasn't worked in either version.
I'll be very curious to see if it resolves itself by upgrading.

If it is simply a version history problem - wouldn't there be many other organizations that are having this issue?
Yes, we had some other organizations report this issue, and we fixed it in version When you install the update make sure the field "Designee - Name" is mapped to something (it sounds like this should be Gift Fund in your case), so that the data will populate.

Thank you,
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