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Luminate Online - 3 NEW profile types and importing by Date Created!! - Update 10/11/17 v.

With the update to the ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online, we're excited to bring you 3 new profile types, better handling of which records to import, and lots of little bug fixes!  This version is not yet approved for use in Blackbaud Hosting.**

Does your team process refunds on donations received through Luminate Online?  You can now import refunds for both individuals and organizations, through our new Luminate Online Refund profile types!  These profiles search for any partial or full refunds and import those as gift adjustments in Raiser's Edge.  There are a few checks built-in to ensure you don't accidentally process the same refund multiple times, but make sure you're importing the Donations profiles first before running any refund imports.  

TeamRaiser users - we've got some updates specific to you too!  Thanks to your feedback and requests, we have added a profile to import TeamRaiser Sustainer Gifts!  With this new profile type, you'll now be able to create the recurring gift and installment schedules via import, so that payments can successfully import each time you run your TeamRaiser Gift imports down the line.  For those of you already using the TeamRaiser Registrants profile, we've added TeamId as an available field.  Keep in mind that since this adds a new field to the list, you'll need to refresh your profile and match by field name.  This ensures ImportOmatic knows the correct number of fields to expect from TeamRaiser. 

We've received a lot of feedback regarding which dates are used to determine the list of records to import from Luminate Online.  In the past, we were consistently using the date the record was last modified to ensure that all updates to the records are carried over to Raiser's Edge.  This has caused issues in some imports, because you may not always know what Luminate Online considers a "modification" that will trigger sending a record over.  To help with this issue, we've made some improvements!  For Calendar Event Attendees and TeamRaiser Registrants, you now have the option to pull records by either date modified OR date created.  For Donation Data, Organization Donations, and TeamRaiser Gifts, we now pull records by date created only.  Don't worry - you won't lose any records based on this switch.  At most, you may receive a few duplicate record exceptions during your first import after the upgrade, indicating that the record has already been successfully imported.  Be careful about switching from Date Created back to Date Modified, however - this can cause records to be "missed" if you aren't careful with the dates.

Finally, we wanted to make the most of this update by taking care of a few bug fixes too.  You can review a summarized list of improvements below, or you can visit the What's New in Luminate Online Connectors page to learn more about how each change affects your processes.

When you're ready to update the ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online, head over to our downloads page.  Instructions are located here, and our Support team is also standing by to assist with any questions!

**If your database is hosted by Blackbaud, please note that this update is approved for installation.**  

IOM Connector for Luminate Online - Version Approved in Blackbaud Hosting

Updates are cumulative.  All improvements listed in lower versions are included in this latest update, including approval for use in Blackbaud Hosting.

Fixed issue where new Offline Donation Export profiles could not be saved

Fixed issue where upgrading a new TeamRaiser Gifts profile was crashing the profile configuration screen

All data will now be returned when importing constituents with multiple registrations in Calendar Event Attendees


Fixed issue where not all survey results were being returned when importing TeamRaiser Surveys through IOM Scheduler


Added Fund ID field to Refunds and Organization Refunds profile types

Resolved issue where decimals were not being included in gift amount in eCommerce imports

Fixed issue where some rows didn't contain all date in Donations import

Errors occurring when retrieving data will no longer stop the import processing for subsequent rows



Added new profile types for Organization Refunds, Refunds, and TeamRaiser Sustainer Gifts

Added option to import by modified date or created date in Calendar Event Attendees and TeamRaiser Registrants

Data is now pulled by date created in Donations, Organization Donations, and TeamRaiser Gifts

Added TeamId as an import field in TeamRaiser Registrants profile type (recommended: after updating, refresh your profile and match existing fields by name)

Added filtering by Store ID to the eCommerce profile type

Resolved sequence contains no elements error in Email Activity when there are many campaigns being imported

Fixed issue where not all surveys were returned in Survey profile

Fixed issue where not all contact fields were being premapped in Organization Donations

Resolved error when importing event participants using the eCommerce profile

Adjusted date formats for date value survey questions

Fixed issue where using the email marked as primary during Group Sync Export was using phone numbers if they were marked primary