SegmentOmatic is now available (Update 7/24/2018 version

SegmentOmatic version is now available! This version addresses a few issues from the previous release.

You can review the full list of SegmentOmatic improvements below and see details in the Release Notes.

When you're ready to take advantage of these improvements, download the latest version of SegmentOmatic from our new downloads page! If you're hosted by Blackbaud, you don't need to take any steps to upgrade--we're working with Blackbaud to get these updates to your database as quickly as possible.

*Please note - if you use ImportOmatic, you must upgrade ImportOmatic to version or higher when updating to this latest version of SegmentOmatic. Failing to do so will create a compatibility issue.*

Revision History

Version, July 2018

- Fixed typos

Version, February 2018

- Fixed error loading query: Invalid object name #IDS

- Fixed issue where SegmentOmatic won't run if it is the only product installed (affects v2.4.20.21 only)

Version, August 2017

- Resolved error when creating an output query from the segmentation when no quick letters format or export path was selected - Fixes an issue where clients were getting an expired license message when using a paid IOM Connector

Version, June 2017

- Resolved error during segmentation when including a gift query in profile settings

Version, May 2017

- Improved processing speed

- Updated message when trying to export to an invalid file path

- Updated warning message when trying to access SOM from ImportOmatic List Management with an expired subscription

- Fixed issue where gifts with adjustments were being counted twice when using Frequency segmentation

- Fixed issue where exporting nodes with characters were causing the file to be unusable