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Data Adapter SDK

Starting with ImportOmatic 3.0, software developers can now write connector plugins for ImportOmatic to connect it directly to external systems. Rather than importing from a flat file, a connector enables ImportOmatic to pull from sources such as student information systems, volunteer management solutions, or membership systems. The attached Software Development Kit provides documentation on the connector architecture, a sample Microsoft .Net project, and a test harness application to test adapters without requiring the developer to have ImportOmatic installed. Currently support for connector development is through this forum. We look forward to seeing what you build!

Anyone can build an adapter – you can get started today! If you are interested in discussing partnership options, please visit our Partner Page and we will reach out.


PS - Please note, in Windows 8 you may need to unblock the files to use them (including the CHM help document or the tester app).

Excellent, thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

Hi Josh,

Sorry about that!  We've reattached the files listed above. As a heads-up, the Base could be out of date for the version of ImportOmatic you are likely running.  You can pull the latest from IOM.  Hope this helps!


I can't seem to find the SDK?  I've looked through the forum and don't see it.  Any help would be appreciated.

We have posted revision 3 of the Connector SDK.

Included changes in the SDK are:

Additional Docs

  -a revision history of changes to OmaticIO.Base.dll

   -PDF docs outlining the process for creating import and export connectors

   -PDF doc illustrating the Export framework

An updated Connector tester with the following updates

  - Support for Export source and Destination

  - Support for "Set Profile Mapping" (used to pre-map incoming data to specific RE Fields)

  - Better error handling

  - A debug information check box that can help track down issues related to your connector not showing in the drop down list

A more fleshed out and documented HelloAdapter code sample

  -Including examples of Export source and Export destination

  - Demonstrated "Set Profile Mapping" functionality


Note: the updated SDK is on the pinned article in this forum

For those annoyed by the Unblock thing here is how to do it recursively for multiple files.
Christmas came early this year!

wow, I am a huge nerd.

Great idea guys. Will definitely be having a play with this!
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