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Match to non-constituent records

On the "duplicates" tab within MergeOmatic Configuration, there is an option to "match to non-constituent records." I assume, if checked, it will look at spouse and other Individual Relationships. I'm wondering if choosing this also searches non-constituent records in List Management?

Hi Stacey,

Yes, it will look at List Management non-constituent records in addition to non-constituent individual relationships, non-constituent event participants, and non-constituent guests.
Thanks for clarifying that. One last question...I downloaded MergeOmatic last week and ran it with that box checked. I'd to run it again without matching to non-constituents. Without purchasing MergeOmatic, do I have the option to run it again (in order to get a more accurate count of duplicates)?
To clarify, it will only find List Management dupes if one of the records is a full constituent. It will not find dupes betweem LM records only because LM records do not appear in queries, and MergeOmatic uses a query to identify who to search for.

That aside, you can run MergeOmatic again and again however you like, there is only a charge to merge records you've selected for merging. There is also a button on the Duplicates tab in Configuration to "Clear Existing Duplicate Search Results" which will reset your duplicate search findings.
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