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MergeOmatic is here!

We have updated MergeOmatic to make sure it's handling BBNC and Organization Relationships properly.  If you've experienced issues with either of these types of records, we recommend rescanning your database after updating to the latest version.  Remember, you can scan your records as often as you like, and you can even continue working in Raiser's Edge while the duplicate scan is running!

If you haven't given MergeOmatic a try yet, what are you waiting for?  We've got a 30-day trial available for all new users!  Just install the MergeOmatic plugin from this link, or view it through the Duplicates module of ImportOmatic

Version - January 18, 2017

Review Duplicates
Fixed issue where BBNC record was not always set as the survivor
Fixed issue where organization relationships were being found as possible duplicates
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