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MergeOmatic is ready to install!

We've made a few minor fixes in MergeOmatic!  Here's a quick list of what's been fixed:


- Fixed issue where window would freeze if trying to close while an internet connection was unavailable.

- Fixed issue where duplicate rate was decreasing after adding possible duplicates to the merge queue


Some thoughts on updating to the latest version:

- You can now download the latest version of your Omatic tools from the Downloads page on our website.

- As we aim to make Omatic's tools easier to use together, we're melding them into a single location within ImportOmatic:

- If your organization has ImportOmatic installed, you can just download the latest version of ImportOmatic, which includes the fixes for MergeOmatic (in the Duplicates Management Module). 

- If your organization does not use ImportOmatic, you may want to consider downloading and installing it for this MergeOmatic update anyways.  In the near future, MergeOmatic will only be available to install as part of ImportOmatic.  This will not require buying ImportOmatic, nor will it change how you are using MergeOmatic.  It simply allows us to ensure a consistent MergeOmatic duplicate management experience for all users. (For those of you considering upgrading to Raiser's Edge NXT, taking this step now will make that transition easier too!)

- If your team is not quite ready to access MergeOmatic through ImportOmatic, you can download the latest update to the MergeOmatic standalone plugin here.  Please note that future updates to MergeOmatic, including both features and bug fixes, will only be available through the ImportOmatic installation.

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