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Duplicate Attributes

Wondering if anyone else has had issues with duplicate attributes on Survivor Records?


We have mailing attributes, and when merging records they are not seen as duplicates as some have dates and some don't have dates.


Does anyone have a way around this? We have Don't merge duplicate attributes ticked in the settings.

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Hi Erin,

I see what you are saying. With all the advanced importing and merging work we do, we are not infrequently faced with a decision between "do what we think most users will want" vs "do not delete data the user is not expecting to delete!". In this case, we could have assumed that we should delete the second attribute just because dates are different, but there are probably other cases where they track events (not social events, just occurrences of something) with attributes, in which case the user would want to keep all the attributes with different date values. For this reason we went with the latter choice, "don't delete data the user may not expect to be deleted". We can always write a utility to delete unwanted data, but we can never write anything to bring it back (except from a backup database, of course). Hope this makes sense.

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