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How do you handle Do Not Contact solicit codes from the merged record?

We have a lot of duplicates so I am considering MergeOmatic. But in many cases the record the survivor receives mail, but the older duplicate has been marked with a solicit code "Do not contact", often because it has been identified as a duplicate in the past but not merged. When Biographical information is merged the resulting merged records is then marked with solicit code "Do not contact" so will be excluded from future mailings. How can this be avoided? 

I tried not merging biographical info but then didn't get the address and constituency information from the other record either, which I want.

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Hi Catherine,

MergeOmatic merges the data the same way that the Raiser's Edge merge process merges the data. The detail on the RE merge process for what data is merged and how it is merged (what is moved, what is copied, etc) can be found in Blackbaud's KB tip BB1109. Solicit codes are copied to the survivor record if they aren't already present.

You could run a clean-up process after merging:

1. Merge records in MergeOmatic

2. Create a constituent query of records filtered by the Notepad type defined in MergeOmatic. Filter the query by: (Notepad Type) Notes contains 'Do not contact'

This will pull all of the survivor records that had a duplicate record with that solicit code. (the notepad that MergeOmatic creates on the survivor record contains an audit of all of the data that was merged from the duplicate record.

3. Admin / Global Change / Constituent / Solicit Code / Delete 'Do not contact'
Use the query created in step 2. And make sure you have a valid backup of your database before performing a Global Change

That will remove the 'Do not contact' solicit code from the survivor records.

Hope that helps!

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