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Brand Spankin' New MergeOmatic 2.0 - Update (v2.0.0.35)

MergeOmatic version 2.0 is now available!  We have reworked the user interface to be easier to use and to contain useful statistics and charts.  Know exactly how many records are going to be scanned before starting a scan.  Know what percentage of your database has been scanned and what percentage needs to be scanned.  Know the distribution of duplicates by score at a glance.  Have you marked records as "not a duplicate" in RE and want to review or remove them from that list?  Now you can do that too from within MergeOmatic!



Version (October 22, 2015) 

- Redesigned the main screen

- Added Database Coverage calculation and chart

- Added Duplicate Rate calculation

- Added Duplicates Merged calculation

- Added Duplicate Exclusion table manager from the DBA Toolkit app

- Added ability to rescan records that had previously been scanned

- Added ability to edit columns from Duplicate Results screen

- Added ability to filter Duplicate Results based on a minimum and maximum Similarity Score

- Added Deceased Date & Deceased flag column options to Duplicate Results

- Updated Duplicate Results to sort by Similarity Score descending

- Added 'Birthdate' label to the Duplicate Results comparison detail screen

- Changed Duplicates by Score chart to use Similarity Score bands instead of exact scoring

- Removed merged records from the Duplicates by Score chart

- Changed the Duplicates to be Merged calculation to count merges instead of groups

- Added tooltip to search exceptions in Duplicate Results

- Added version number to main screen

- Fixed error when removing group from merge queue

- Fixed duplicate search error when running SQL Server 2005

Version (November 24, 2015)

- Improved performance for selecting records to be scanned

- Added ability to edit columns from within the Duplicates to Merge screen

- Added check for validity of selected Alias Type prior to merging

- Fix for ability to access Duplicate Results screen if a query used in filtering the results has been deleted 

- Added instrumentation reporting

Click the link to download MergeOmatic.  You must install it on each workstation that runs MergeOmatic.  If you have the AppOmatic version of MergeOmatic installed, you must uninstall the MergeOmatic app in AppOmatic before using the plug-in.

Download the latest release here.

View the MergeOmatic user guide here.


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