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Searching results for specific duplicates?

Have you given thought to a search function in your duplicate results window?  We are working through our duplicates, but often I get notified of a dupe situation to take care of right away.  Would love to be able to easily get right to it.


Also, sometimes I know of definite duplicates that are not showing up in the results.  Is there a way to mark duplicates so that the score will increase (like more points if they have a "duplicate record" attribute)?  I'm not sure that will even help because the test score is always over 70.  They're not listed in the duplicate exclusions either, so it has me stumped.




Thanks, Jeff!  You have no idea how much more useful that will make this tool for my team.  Much appreciated!



Shelby, this is under way, great idea!
I think it’s a great idea to add searching within the duplicate results. I will file to have this considered in a future release.

Regarding why duplicates wouldn’t be showing up – did you edit your scoring deductions in Configuration on the Advanced tab? This could have lowered the score below 70.

Thank you,
Omatic Software
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