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Training Volunteers

I would like to train volunteers to merge duplicates for us but I would want to write our guidelines for them on what is an acceptable duplicated and what is not. Has anyone else already developed duplicate guidelines?

Hi Sandy,

Not sure which version you're using, but would it make sense to have volunteers just queue them for merging and a more experienced user reviews the queues before the merges are performed? Check out this video (towards the end) for an example of this:

When we have temps, volunteers, or new staff, helping with duplicates, we do not have them merge right away. Here is our training steps and the rationale.

1. Queue duplicates - same name, same addresses (this gets them familiar with the process of queuing records and working with MergeOmatic)
2. Queue duplicates - name variations, same addresses
3. Queue duplicates - same name, different address/ research to find if this is a former address or a new address using white pages pro or reaching out to relationship manager. (this helps them start to work on some of the troubleshooting and decision making of merging records-we ask that they keep track of the rationale for these to enable a quick review)
4. Queue duplicates - name variations, different addresses
5. Merge duplicates - queued duplicates that have been reviewed and approved (delete is disabled)
6. Merge duplicates and exclude as duplicates

As admins-
1. Review queued duplicates-(ensure correct survivor)
2. Merge queued duplicates (if no one else is at this point yet)
3. Review and delete records to be deleted

This is our plan now. I'm open for any corrections/improvements from anyone.

Eddye, have you put together a training manual for your volunteers? Are you willing to share?
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