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Attribute Comments field not updated correctly when Scoring

When I run ScoreOmatic and save the score as an attribute it does not put the correct profile name in the Attribute comments description in RE when I just select Score, but it does when I select Preview. It also appears to hold previously run score profiles in memory.

For example, if I select a profile called ALU, then preview and commit it, I will see ALU in the comments field.   Immediately after this I select another profile called EMP and score it, in RE I see ALU and not EMP in the comments field.

When I run a Masterfile Score profile called TOT it does not include the name of the profile even if I preview it.  If I had previously run another profile it uses the most recently run profile code in the comments instead.

Has anyone else experienced this?  

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Hi Anne,
I will test/fix this and get an update out ASAP
Thanks for posting,
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