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Does ScoreOMatic work in the NXT Environment

I couldn't find the answer to this when I searched, so thought I'd ask.  Thanks

NXT is for hosted clients only, so no, ScoreOmatic will not be available because AppOmatic is not available in hosting.
Do you know if there are plans to make AppOmatic available?  And if so, when?

Hi Anne,

Great question! This is completely at Blackbaud's discretion. We have a few products that Blackbaud has made available in their hosting or NXT environment, but they typically only do this when clients demand it loudly enough. In their defense, they are trying to focus finite resources on what they think their clients want the most. If they are not hearing loud and clear that clients won't move to hosting without it, it won't happen. Some clients have requested this on Blackbaud's UserVoice site, you can add your voice and vote here. Please encourage anyone else that feels the same to add their voice as well. If clients willingly move to hosting or NXT without it, the message will be clear that Blackbaud does not need to act on this issue.



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