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Table-O-Matic Demo

Table-O-Matic is a Raiser's Edge plugin that allows you to visualize table entry usage and quickly merge duplicate table entries. A brief video demonstration of Table-O-Matic can be found here:


First off, thanks for beginning development on what looks to be a very useful plug-in for interacting with Raiser’s Edge! The ability to target specific tables and perform operations on the listed entries is very powerful. Recently we made a mistake on an import and accidentally created over 4000 new table entries. Obviously we recognize that this will take hours of tedious work to manually remove each entry. Looking into TOM I’ve found the ability to merge singular entries, but not operate on a range of several entries.

I’m very interested in learning if TOM can benefit us by deleting hundreds of table entries simultaneously. Is this functionally planned in the coming versions? It looks like you guys are just getting started and so I was wondering if there is a forum where we can submit suggestions, such as IOM on UserVoice.

Perhaps there are other users who might also benefit from this functionality and the furtherance of Table-O-Matic.

Thanks again,

Patrick Thomas
Hi Jeff and Pam,

I love Table-O-Matic, but you know what would be really great? Using it to re-sort the table values. For example, let's say you had a set of U.S. states in random order and you want to them sorted alphabetically. From the front end of Raiser's Edge, it seems like the only way to do this is to click the up and down arrow for each code, which takes forever. Unless I'm missing something? (I do this now by exporting data from TABLEENTRIES, resorting the values in Excel and then updating the TABLEENTRIES.SEQUENCE field with an SQL script, but that requires inadvisable "off-roading.")

Nadine Francis
Pomona College
Hi there,

I have a question. Can you delete table entries in the Table-O-Matic or do you have to merge them?

I would love table o-matic to be able to be expanded to help with changing data types on attributes either from one type into a table or from a table into another type. I converted another database (eTap) into RE and was only given the option of using a single data type for all of my attributes. I thought it would be easier to change the data types in RE but I have to export the attributes and re-import them and delete the original attributes. This is a HUGE pain.
I have a question I love the fact that I can export the table out especially the titles and suffixes table which is a never ending cleanup process for me but I did not see the able to pull on the city table am I just missing that or can that not be cleaned up with table o matic?
Hi all,
Just to clear up a few questions about TableOmatic...
It is incredibly easy to use and provides crazy quick table clean up. It is a very powerful tool though, so showing users exactly where in your database those entries reside is very helpful because they can carefully examine the location of each entry prior to merging. Upon the merging, it does delete the old table entry. So, to answer the question, it is a one-at-a-time table entry merging tool. However, you can import table entries using excel (cool new feature). As for cities, that is up to your organization if you choose to have cities as a table. Some orgs may have had it at one point and turned it off - this leaves the existing entries in the cities table, but lets users enter cities as text.
We are always happy to answer additional questions!
Many thanks,

Stephanie Johnson
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I see that this entry is very old, but I just installed TOM today. Any chance there's a demo out there or an archived webinar to look at? I have the manual, but it's pretty slim.
Thanks for the link, Jeff. Now I know where I can see other Omatic videos!
Can anyone tell me, does table-o-matic work on Phone types? Just looking for some shortcuts to clean up those phones types.
Hi Jack,

Yes, you can use TableOmatic to clean up your phone types table!

However, it works better if the phone type you're merging into does not already exist on the record. For example, if someone has both Home 1 and Home 2 on their record - you try to merge Home 2 into Home 1, you will see an error explaining that duplicate phone types are not allowed.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
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