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ScoreOmatic version is available. Now with score translations!

Do you find numeric scoring to be too granular?  Is a score of 78 really that much better than a score of 77?  Would you like to have constituents grouped by a range of scores?  With new ScoreOmatic score translations now you can!

Score translations let you define ranges: for example, you may choose to define constituents with scores between 1-10 as Bronze, 11-20 Silver, 21-50 Gold, 51-100 platinum, etc.  When you run and commit scores, you can choose to create attributes with the actual score, the translated score, or both.  in addition, attributes, ratings, and notepads all record both values in the comments/notes.

Score attributes can now be text or number attributes.  If using a number attribute, negative scores will create an attribute as blank as number attributes can not save negative values.


Revision History

Version, April, 2016

Define Scoring Rules

Added ability to use number attributes to record scores

Added ability to define score translations to assign descriptive levels to ranges of scores (eg, "Gold", "Silver", "Bronze")

View the ScoreOmatic User Guide here.

To install this version, download the attached .zip file.

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