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Treating someone differently if they're already an Event Participant

When importing certain event participant imports, we want to import anyone who doesn't already have the event participation as Current Status "Enquiry", but anyone who's already Current Status "Registered", to do the rest of the import, but leave the status as is. How can we do this with Importomatic?

I think it'd involve making a query of event registrants, and referencing that with the code, but I'm not clear on the specifics, as I'm used to using the code for 'If this field is filled, do X, Y and Z', but not for referencing RE queries and similar

I have a similar situation: - when importing a registration, if the participant is already registered for an event, if they have a particular attribute then we need to alter their event status. What I don't know is how to find out what the fields in RE are actually called to write the VB to look for them, or whether the IOM VB module would be able to see that at import

We've got one bit of code that looks up the participant import ID for a given bit event (which is zero if they don't have it), and another that takes a Query, drops it into a dictionary, then takes Field X, sees if it can find it in Column A of the Query, if it does, returns column B of that query. 

Which doesn't sound like quite what you're after, but close, and suggests what you want may be possible.

Hi Mark,

Something like this should get you started.  Of course you'll need to know (or look up in code) the attribute type id.  If you need help finding a specific field name to put into the code let me know.

        If oPart.Fields(EParticipantsFields.Participants_fld_ID) > 0 Then

            For Each attr As IBBAttribute In oPart.Attributes

                If attr.Fields(EattributeFields.Attribute_fld_ATTRIBUTETYPES_ID) = xxx Then

                    oPart.Fields(EParticipantsFields.Participants_fld_Attended) = "zzzz"

                End If

                Exit For


        End If



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Thanks John I'll give that a try (and yes it's taken me three months to get back to this!) :)

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