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API Documentation

Attached is a very basic version of the API documentation.

Note: If you have issues opening the help document then you may need to unblock it's content.  You can do this by right clicking on the file, selecting the properties option and then clicking the Unblock button on the properties form.

I downloaded the help file to a networked drive in Windows 7 and when I opened the help file it gave me the error "Navigation to the webpage was canceled". It turns out that with some security configurations you cannot open help files on networked drives. Once I copied it to my local computer I was able to open it without a problem.
Thanks for the help file. To be honest it is quite difficult to understand as opposed to, for example, reading the RE VBA help file. Examples and further explanations would be very helpful. Also an introduction which covers the assumptions of minimum knowledge required by the reader to understand could be added.

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Hi Philip, try the ImportOmatic API video demonstration on this page. I think that might help you get started with the API, let me know if that doesn't help.


Hi Jeff,
Thanks. I have watched it a few times and it does help a lot to get started.

What I meant is that I would like to have a more build out documentation. Excel etc or even the Raiser's Edge VBA help file have examples for each piece of code which makes it easier to understand.


See my comment above about having it on your local drive.
I've downloaded and extracted the file to my local drive, and while it opens, all of the pages are blank - I can see the tree structure, but there's no detail at the bottom level. I'm running Windows 10
Hi David,

I just tested this on my machine running Windows 10 without issues. You might want to try downloading again, and before you even extract the file right click, select properties, click the checkbox next to unblock, hit okay, then try to extract again.



"...and before you even extract the file..."

Right-click on the extracted ImportOM.API.chm help file and get properties.


On the General tab at the bottom you may see a Security message:

    This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.


Click the Unblock button, and you will be able to see the content.



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