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Moving Query Order in a Profile Screen Shot

 Added a new Query and want to move it up.

 Data Techie trying his hand at this trying to get my staff interested.  I am trying to develop a 100 point score starting with a model on page 124 of Josh Berkholz's book. 








Thanks Jeff, could definitely see re-ordering being nice as profiles grow/get updated over time.

I also re-named a query in QueryOmatic and noticed that the name did not change in the ScoreOmatic profile. I had to browse out to it again. Could there be a refresh option that would check to see if the query is still the same name. As I continue to improve my naming conventions this would be nice. Also in QueryOmatic it would be nice to show if a Query is used in a ScoreOmatic profile?

Thanks, Jeff
Thanks Jeff. Yes, the query names should definitely update when changed, we'll address that. Thanks for the "shout out" to QueryOmatic (Available in the App Marketplace, of course!  :)

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