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Planned Giving Profile - College of Charleston

Hi all,


I thought I’d share some information about a simple planned giving scoring model that I built here at the College of Charleston. I started out by looking at our existing planned giving donors to see what they had in common, and then built a profile based on that. What I found was that our best PG prospects seemed to….


*be alumni

*be volunteers (typically on advisory boards)

*have attended events (I assigned one point for each event attended, up to 10 points)

*have estimated capacity between $10K and $50K (based on 5% of estimated wealth)

*be between the ages of 46 and 72

*have given at least 15 gifts

*be located in the state of South Carolina


Using this model, I scored about 5,000 individuals (none of whom have made any sort of planned gift commitment to the College.) The highest score was 24 (the max) and the lowest was 1. I’m going to read through the article Jeff shared about planned giving indicators and see what else I might be able to add to this. My initial profile is attached so y’all can take a look.


Generally, I really like the simplicity of Score-O-Matic, although I found it ran slower the more records were being scored and the more inputs there were. Anything that might improve performance would be a plus, but on the whole I was really impressed.

Thanks for sharing Jeanne! How long did it take to run on 5,000 constituents?
Once it started running it didn't take very long at all, but it seemed to "hang" for several minutes (maybe 5-10) before it began processing.
If you ran those queries that are part of your criteria, would it take about the same amount of processing time? In our next release we have an informational panel that will pop up and show the user that it is loading queries and give it a progress indicator.
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