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Wondering what the best practice is on points - in general is it good to go with huge numbers, medium (say 25), or just a few points per item?
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We have tried a little bit of everything, however it is really all relative and weighted on the variables; so higher values that can be divided down into smaller values really end up giving you the same end result in my opinion. For Example....a 100 score versus a 50 score is the same as a 2 versus a 1, however if you need more substance between those values than you need to leave room in between for the values to give you those scores. Our total score is 58 for instance for our Major Giving scoring profile. That was not planned, just how it fell out. You can see our scoring profiles here on the forum. Each scoring profile just added up to that total. However, this gave us a good range of scores between 1 and 58 to see enough variation in the data and constituents that we could segment our lists into meaningful and actionable chunks. Does this make sense?
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