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Here are my thoughts so far.

  1.   In the Profile Screen where the header row has various options, could there be a Last Run column?


  Could the program come with either a few pre-installed Profiles or a Library of Profiles to choose from to allow newbies to predictive analytics an easy start?  Perhaps organized by category such as Major Giving, Planned Giving, etc.


Hi Serena,

A Last Run column is a good idea, thanks! To be clear, this would be the last time it was run on a query and would probably not be when a user had run it on an individual constituent, right?

We would ~love~ to include a library of pre-created profiles, but to do this we would need to be able to programmatically create Raiser's Edge queries which drive them. This would be challenging enough, but it would also require that all clients have exactly the same setup, including attribute types, event categories, etc., which is rarely the case. So unfortunately it's pretty unlike we'll be able to include a library of pre-made models. However, we did a good job on making exporting of ScoreOmatic profiles very clear and easy so that users could clearly demonstrate and share what types of scoring they are doing. We created this forum so it could become a user-generated library of scoring profiles and criteria.

Thanks for your feedback so far, we look forward to hearing more!

First, a few things I'm very impressed with:
Simple, direct user interface. Very intuitive.
Ability to save profiles.
Progress bar when running a preview.
Score preview window that shows total records scored and allows several sort options.
Low, high, median, and average scores displayed at a glance.
Ability to see score breakdown for each individual.
Direct access to individual records!

I could say more. It's evident a lot of thought went into the development of this software. Kudos! I could easily recommend this to RE users as a useful, time-saving tool.

Minor suggestion: When looking for a specific individual result it would be helpful to be able to search by name. For example, I wanted to find how someone scored who had a last name beginning with "M." Sorting by name either way didn't get me much closer! I scored less than 3,000 records, but if I had scored 10,000 or more paging through results to get to the one I wanted would have taken awhile.

I also suggested elsewhere that support for query types other than "constituent" might be useful. For my project I had created four individual queries and then discovered I couldn't use them. So I had to change them all to constituent and add "key indicator equals individual" to the criteria of each before I could proceed. Not a big problem, but it shaved a bit off the time savings. :^ )

Overall, an excellent job developing a software tool that demonstrates solid awareness of practical fundraising challenges. My compliments to the Omatic team!
Thanks Craig, great feedback! We will add Individual and Organization queries, good call. For the preview, if there are a few records you want to spot-check, you might start with a query of them or preview them individually from their constituent records (you should find the search box in AppOmatic makes them very easy to find). I don't know that we'll be adding a search box in the near term, but... based on your feedback we've upped the number of results per-page from 100 to 500.

Again, thanks very much for the feedback!
Yes, Jeff ... I meant the last time it was run on a query.  This would give you a quick view of - gee, it's been a year, maybe this profile should be updated.
Love it, love it, love it! Very minor suggestion - when saving a profile, it would be nice to just hit SAVE and it not SAVE & CLOSE. Basically, I'd just like to make sure I can save my work in case a thunderstorm disconnects me from the database and keep going without having to re-open the profile.
@Craig, so I stand corrected. Our lead developer on ScoreOmatic, Steve, ran with your suggestion and added a constituent name search functionality to the preview.

@Serena, we've also added a "last run" column on the profiles grid.
The search option on Constituent Name will be AWESOME!!!
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