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Suggested changes for Find O matic

I am noticing that all users - regardless of whether they are a supervisor or not, have access to settings which gives them the ability to turn on and off the functionality for other users - that is strange.

Also - maybe consider coming up with an icon system which helps people identify what record type FOM is displaying. In our shop I anticipate users having trouble sometimes distinguishing between constituents and appeals named after a constituent and events hosted by constituents because they all contain the constituents name. I know that you can change the find criteria to limit it to the record type you want but most people will begin to type into the FOM box with the default options. I can see that query says query underneath but maybe all of them should be identifiable.

Those are my thoughts for now... Otherwise it is awesome.

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We just installed Findomatic and had a similar reaction to the above as Melissa. I am saddened to see that she posted this over 2 years ago and no enhancements have been made to this area.
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