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SOM and Gift Arrays for Mailings

I have just begun working with SOM and would like to find out how others are using this to create their gift arrays for mailings. It would be great if the information provided in the segmentation could be put into a pivot report so we could see each category and the corresponding donors. Is there a way to do this?

We are also seeking to analyze major donors and would like to see this information. Or, if there were extra columns in the View this Segment area that would show this info as well as the ability to export directly to Excel.

Thank you,
Heather Kantor
Analyst, Donor and Database Services
Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

 Hi Heather,

From our previous conversation I gather that you are looking to calculate "ask amounts" (or even arrays of ask amounts) based on donors' previous giving. For instance, if a donor last gave $100, you would like to put the options of $100, $125, and $175 on the reply device. I believe RE offers some way to do this in the Export module, though I don't pretend to be expert on that. You might want to look here and here.
Would certainly be curious to know if anyone else thought it would be ultra-handy to have Segment-O-Matic calculate these amounts? I think you'd have to be careful though, as you may not want to calculate it based of a year-long pledge.
Hi, Heather!
When Exporting any gift amount field (gift, first, last,total given,etc.), the Raiser's Edge has the option to Format the amount field by increasing or decreasing it by a $ amount or a percentage. To access this function, put the field in the Output of the Export, then highlight it with a single click. Look in the bottom center of that window for a box labeled Format. There, you will see the option to Increase or Decrease by amount or percentage. FYI, the same field can be exported and formated multiple times. In other words, you could export:
Total given LCY
Total given LCY + 10%
Total given LCY + 25%
and so on. That would allow you to say in an Appeal, "Thank you for giving us $x last year. Please consider giving us $X+25% this year."
I hope that helps! Let me know if you need further help.
Hi Sandy,

Thank you for your input. I guess I was hoping that there would be (and maybe one day there will be) a way for SOM to export the grid to Excel and click under the month for a specified amount and the names would populate. This would be a great way to help us segment our donors even more in order to better analyze their giving history. Thanks, Heather
Hi Heather,

Did you know that you can right-click on any cell to see a list of the constituents in it (or a list of all selected cells, if you prefer)? You can also automatically create a static query of those in selected cells.

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