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I need to put together reports and graphs that show giving trends/history, etc. by amount. I like SOM but don't seem to be able to get the results I need. For example, I need to have a list of all donors within a given range (say, $500-$1000). I need to show who makes up that list with 1 gift, 2 gifts, etc. Then I need to see it by months (1-12, 13-24). I know I can look at the names of those that gave but I can't export them (along with their amounts) to Excel. This may be asking for more that what it can do but I am hoping there is some way. Otherwise, I'm not sure if this is a program that we will really use often or I am in need of more training. ::confused:

Thank you!
Heather Kantor
Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee
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Hi Heather,

Yes, you can definitely do this with Segment-O-Matic. As you know, segmenting donors based on how much they gave, when they gave, and how many times they gave is exactly what Segment-O-Matic does. To just export a list of all of them though, I think the best way to do it would be to have SOM automatically apply appeals to all the people you are interested in, with the checkbox "Use market segment as package" checked. Then export a query of everyone that has that appeal, ordered by the package.  You know have your Excel file with all the information you need in it, and you could then globally delete that appeal (if you didn't want it anymore).

Does that sound good?

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