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Magic Folder and NXT



I'm just enquiring if there are any plans to make Magic Folder avaialble when the database is hosted by Blackbaud? We are currently weighting up and the pro's and cons of moving to hosted and using the new NXT platform that would then be available.


We presently have a lot of data stored in Magic Folders and it would be a massive job to move all this to Media tab and this is less convenient as you need to leave the action etc to access it.





We are in the same boat, but I was told that Omatic doesn't plan on making MF or App-O-Matic available in hosted/NXT environment. We have a lot of data there too-- and are currently trying to figure out the best thing to do in terms of migrating data.
Hi Neil and Ashley,

Great questions! MagicFolder is compatible with Blackbaud Hosting and RE NXT, and Omatic would love to deploy it there, however Blackbaud has not yet approved it for use in their hosting environment as only a handful of clients have asked for it (to my knowledge). Though we have a longstanding partnership with Blackbaud, the only way this will get into hosting is if the demand from users is high enough.

In other news, I'm pleased to announce that a standalone (ie, non-AppOmatic) version of MagicFolder is coming soon...


Thank you for the update Jeff and it is interesting as our account manager has advised me that this has never been submitted for approval. Im UK based however so he maybe is just unaware. 


I presume that this is also the case with table omatic?





Is there any update on this?  This will be an issue for us migrating to NXT.  Also, how would the integration work - where would the file server need to live?

Hi Ann, unfortunately, Blackbaud has not approved Magic Folder for use in the Hosting environment so you will be unable to use it once you migrate to NXT. 

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