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MagicFolder and AppOmatic

Hello MagicFolder fans. Omatic Software has made the decision to move all future development for MagicFolder exclusively to the AppOmatic platform for the Raiser's Edge. We've made this decision for several reasons: First, it is a much better user experience in AppOmatic to actually be able to see the contents of a constituent's MagicFolder directly from the constituent view without having to select an item from a dropdown menu to see if anything is in there (see screenshot below). Secondly, it is labor-intensive and expensive (especially for a free product!) to maintain two versions of the same software application. Thirdly, AppOmatic makes it significantly easier to roll out the MagicFolder install and future updates can be automatically distributed enterprise-wide in a snap (as can be done with any AppOmatic app). AppOmatic also allows much more granular control over who has access to either run or configure any individual apps, like MagicFolder. We made this decision based on these factors and the fact that every month we are adding new functionality to The Raiser's Edge through AppOmatic. If you have previous versions of MagicFolder you are welcome to keep them and use it, but there will be no further updates for the legacy version. I genuinely hope you'll join us with MagicFolder on the AppOmatic platform and continue to give us your feedback to make all our products better.

Jeffrey Montgomery

Managing Partner, Omatic Software


This is concerning because my department is not interested in using App-O-Matic, and I just convinced everyone a year ago to stop using the media tab in RE and switch to magic folder. We have had 2 new employees start this week, and another next week, but I am not able to get them up and running on the same system as the rest of the department? We did a lot of research at the beginning of our look into the Magic folder, and I had posed a lot of questions to make sure we were going to go make the right decisions. Now that the entire department is on board and there is a years worth of data there, I will be put on the hot seat for suggesting this in the first place.
Jeff, Do you recommend uninstalling the stand alone MagicFolder when using it through AppOmatic?
Hi Ashley, sorry to hear you are not interested in AppOmatic, would love to have a discussion with you offline about that. I don't know if you've tried it lately, but we just recently rolled out a new version with a lot of updates, and we're about to roll out three new products that are pretty darn exciting and will be only available through AppOmatic. There are also a ton of free apps that a bunch of value as well (like the LinkedIn connector for constituents and the real-time Donor Retention data visualization). Regarding expanding your current system, I will ask our support dept to reach out and see if we can help you.

Therese, yes, you would typically uninstall the legacy MagicFolder before using it in AppOmatic, but I do not believe they will cause a conflict.
Two things:
The users who had problems before and had to remap the MagicFolder location every time they restarted their computer still have to remap every time even when using AppOmatic.

When we uninstalled the MagicFolder macro and then installed the AppOmatic version one user is getting a a Blackbaud dll error: "Assertion Failed: Unable to load custom dll:cBBMTDII
Routine: REVBAMT.REAPPLICATIONMT.Init" Seen this? Any ideas how to remove?
Hi Therese,
Issue 1) Are you mapped to a network drive? You shouldn't have to live with this problem, if it's a bug, we will fix it.

Issue 2) Does that user have FindOmatic installed? If so, re-installing it should solve the problem. If not, is EventOmatic or SegmentOmatic installed?

Issue 1) Yes we are mapped to a network drive. I am trying one last thing - shutting UAC off completely. I have 5-6 users with this problem. MagicFolder on all other users works fine.

Issue 2) No FindOmatic. Had her uninstall RecordRadar and SegmentOmatic modules since she is using then thru AppOmatic and the error disappeared.
If the users try to access the MagicFolder folder through File Explorer after restarting do they need to login or receive any error?
It sounds like an access error.

The problem was most likely that uninstalling MagicFolder incorrectly removed a file (Omatic.dll) that was needed by SegmentOmatic, reinstalling SegmentOmatic would also fix the problem.
It is a bug in the MagicFolder install package in that we didn't mark the file as permanent. The AppOmatic versions do not use that file.
There is never any problem going directly to the mapped file folder location for MagicFolder. It never asks for you to log in or gives an error.
It is mapped on all computers to the same drive letter. All users with Raiser's Edge have access to this network drive.

I shut UACs off completely.The user just got in and started her computer and then Raiser's Edge and went to MagicFolder and it worked finally!
Problem is our IT dept would prefer we have UAC turned on.
Do the other users that it was working for already have UAC turned off or is it just some users that need to do so?
Most users have UAC controls on. I have found a few that have it turned off. I will audit this more fully in another month or so.
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