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New MagicFolder plug-in is now available!

MagicFolder version 1.2.3 is now available as a Raiser's Edge plug-in!  

Download the attached .zip file and install it on each workstation that runs MagicFolder.  If you currently have the MagicFolder AppOmatic app, you must uninstall the app in AppOmatic before using the new plug-in.


Revision History:

v. 29JUL2015
- Converted back to plugin only, removed support for AppOmatic

v. 07OCT2015

- Changed Help file link to access online user guide

This may be because of the status of my account, but there is not file attached for me on this page on this page.

Hi Mike,

You can access the MagicFolder download at the following link:


If you have trouble accessing it, please let us know.



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