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More Folder Names

We are currently at a standstill with our decision to implement MF. The problems we are encountering are with navigation within the network folder when that is most adventageous (such as when you scan a document and have to choose a location to save it in and can not go through RE).

a) the single giant folder called constituents with everyone A-Z. Currently we have a folder with subfolders for A-F, G-L, M-S, T-Z. with the numbers of folders we are dealing with, even these folders have several hundred individual folders in each - so navigation with one folder feels like it will be so much more challenging. Can we have a choice of subfolders?

b) spouse names. currently our folders contain both names - especially when the spouse has a different name. "Graves, Melissa and Smith, Will" We already have the issue of remembering whether to look in G vs. S. but once you locate it you have the security in knowing it is the right folder because you see both names. We have many families who give and you sometimes can only tell which Sally X you are looking at when you see the spouse name.


Otherwise we are also struggling with navigation within RE .

a) With couples where both people have full constituent records how can we easily tell which record we should file information? We would prefer all documents stay together so having one file for Graves, Melissa and another for Smith, Will would not work. We can decide internally that we want to put it on the HOH but how can a user tell where the folder is? Can we make both links go to a single folder?

b) new folders being created. We have found that we can through network security limit who can create a folder so if a spouse should not get a separate folder then an "inexperienced" user can't accidentally create a folder that they shouldnt. But it still needs to be better identified that a person has a MF - Can we make the button change (color?) when a folder exists and when it does not? What happens when one spouse dies, etc. Also - even if you have permission, I would prefer to be told when I am clicking on the MF button for the first time that I am about to create a blank folder. If you accidentally do it you then have to navigate out and delete that folder. I would prefer a warning and be given a proceed/cancel oprion.

b) having separate gift folders and action folders - I really wish these created subfolders within the constituent folder, not a separate place for documents for a person's gifts that is separate from their constituent folder. I wish I would see the main folder for Graves, Melissa and Smith, Will and under it have a Gifts folder and an Actions folder, etc. I know that the current structure assumes we are always navigating from RE but in the real world that will not happen. I can see Events having a separate folder since that is a whole different thing but subrecords of constituents should create subfolders of the constituent folder.


We are thinking this over for the next few weeks before we decide, but frankly I think we may not be able to implement until future versions close the gap more between this product and what we need/want.

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I am reading about Magic Folder in consideration of using it for associating documents with our records in RE.  You have raised some valid concerns about MF's functionality. Did you end up implementing MF for your organization?

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