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Accessing MagicFolder from Proposals

I'm stuck...I thought I read that documents can be associated with Proposals via MagicFolder however I don't see the MagicFolder icon on the Proposal object. Does MF work at the proposal level? If so, how do I activate MF? Thanks for your help!
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Nic from Omatic responded to another inquiry I posted on the Forum, that addresses the above question so I pasted it here:

There are a few issues that came up when we converted MagicFolder for AppOmatic, all of which have been addressed but have not been released yet.
A new MagicFolder update will be out within a few weeks with the following changes/fixes:
1) For Proposals, MagicFolder will only be accessible from the right click menu on the Proposals panel within a AppOmatic custom view. We were very limited on how we
could handle proposals because of the way they are presented in RE, they do not behave in the same way as all of the other MagicFolder objects.
2) Fixed issue of files not moving when merging records. MagicFolder "listens" for the merge event when records are merged. The events that we were listening for stopped firing when we converted to AppOmatic. We missed this problem initially but have now resolved it by changing the events we are listening for.

Sorry for any inconvenience and we will get the new release out as soon as possible.
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