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Magic Folder Error


Hey guys , started using Magic folder and it works fine for a while but will sporadically stop working with an endpoint error .


The Error above is what comes up 

This error seems to jump form computer to computer. 


Any help on this matter with regards to why it is happeing and how to fix it will be greatly appreciated

Hi Gavin,

When do you receive this message, when opening MagicFolder from a record? In searching on this error message a common theme that comes up is Windows firewall (here and here for example). If you turn off your firewall do you still experience this behavior?


Thanks for the reply Jeff,

Unfortunately only IT have that sort of authority and because of the size of the organisation that's really not an option. It seems to be done sporadically and it will occur when clicking on a record rather then opening magic folder again it does not occur on every record and seems to be jumping from cumputer to computer .

Speaking with one of the customer service people he gave me a connection to a service

I understand that the problem is on our side but trying to get IT and omatic to speak has been difficult. I assume because of the time difference or as the result of it not being bought from Omatic.

I have sent the information above to It and hopefully this will be resolved sooner rather the later.

Thanks again
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